The finished artworks shown in the exhibition ‘Retold’

Here are the individual works that were shown at the ‘Retold’ exhibition.

All works are for sale. Please feel free to contact me if you have a query regarding the artwork. My contact details can be found on the ‘About Rebecca Holden’ page.

The Golden Bird | Oil on paper | 1850mm (w) x 1350mm (h) | POA
The Golden Bird (2) | Oil on paper | 1330mm (w) | POA
The Juniper Tree | Oil/graphite on paper | 1370mm (w) x 1230mm (h) | POA
Rumplestiltskin | Oil on paper | 1330mm (w) 1690mm (h) | POA
Faithful Johannes | Oil on paper | 990mm (w) x 1330mm (h) | POA
Thousandfurs | Oil on paper | 1500mm (w) x 1400mm (h) | POA
The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs (detail) | Oil on paper | POA
Strong Hans | Oil on paper | 1240mm (w) x 865mm (h) | POA
The Boy Who Left Home to Find Out About the Shivers | Oil on paper | 1330mm (w) x 1120mm (h) | POA

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