The Countdown!


3 days until the launch of my PledgeMe campaign, so I thought it was fitting to remember the 3 battles of Gaza (represented here in the detail of Panel 3).
The first and second were disastrous for the allied forces. The 3rd though was a victory where they gained control over the all important wells at Beersheba. Access to water was vital and could make the difference between success and failure in the desert environment.


It’s only 4 days until the launch of my PledgeMe campaign and what a fitting number to start the countdown I thought – why? you ask…
Well, the NZ Mounted Rifles operated in groups of 4, my grandfather Jack was in the 4th group of the 4th Waikato Squadron. This is why there are currently 4 paintings in the Sand in the Apricot Jam exhibition.
(photo credit: NZ National Army Museum)

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