A Home Away from Home @ Aratoi

A solo exhibition of works on paper and cotton veils ‘A Home Away from Home’ will be on show at Aratoi Museum of Art and History in Masterton, New Zealand, from Thursday 13 September – Sunday 7th October 2018.

In this final year of the centenary of WW1, this exhibition is a tribute to a group of New Zealand women who ran the Aotea Convalescent Home for NZ soldiers in Egypt during the First World War. Their service to the well being of the soldiers led the men to fondly refer to Aotea as ‘A home away from home’.

Mina Macdonald (pictured above) recognised the need for such a home and rallied the NZ Government to provide one. Within 6 weeks the staff who were to run the home had set sail for Egypt. The home was almost entirely funded by the goodwill of the people of the Wairarapa, Whanganui and Rangitikei regions. Click here for more information about this project.

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