Art Books

Books are a real passion of mine, reading them as well as designing them. There is something beautifully tactile about holding a book in your hand and leafing through the pages.

As an ongoing aspect of my practice I am exploring different ways of how a book might compliment an arts project or become an arts project of their own. This presents me with a means to offer a more intimate connection to some of my bigger arts projects as well as explore how an artwork can be hand held.

Books I have published

So far I have self published the following list of books and I am currently working on a few more. Self publishing gives me the creative freedom to produce a small print run and experiment with different formats & applications.

Sand in the Apricot Jam

This book came at the conclusion of the WW1 Centenary commemorations and brings together in book form my two WW1 arts project, ‘Sand in the Apricot Jam’ and ‘A Home Away from Home’. Both arts projects involved a great deal of historical and artistic research and so create a book offered me the chance to share this.

I offered for purchase a small amount of these books to interested parties.

Cyril and Friends Contemplate Life

This small book brings together many of my popular ‘Cyril and Friends’ social media posts. Cyril and Friends is a fun photographic project I began in early 2019. Through the eyes of a cicada and his insect friends I offer a humorous look at everyday life. There are a few copies of this book available on Etsy. You can also follow Cyril and Friends on Instagram.