Artist statement

Within my artistic practice narrative and figuration are important aspects of my work. My artwork is regularly informed by the written word, be it fairy tales, historical text or novels. My response to this stimuli is explored through painting and drawing often employing the use of the figure with gestural mark making and colour.

Representations of animals, a regular feature in my works, are interwoven into the composite arrangement of my paintings. The animals are often metaphors for different aspects of humanity. The perspective of distance, be it geographical or historical, also informs my work.

In my paintings I employ different levels of finish from sketched forms to layered, more highly rendered areas to give different levels of emphasis to areas of the work. Mistakes and corrections are left partially visible marking the progress of the works journey.

My arts projects are often research led which informs the scale and use of materials I engage with. The work evolves through the act of painting allowing chance happenings to occur. I enjoy the impromptu (and sometimes invited) indirect participation of others in the formation of the work. These encounters challenge me to work in ways I might not immediately expect of myself.

– Rebecca Holden