Grimm’s Fairy Tales

The paintings from my Grimm Project started in 2014 and work on this project is ongoing. The paintings represent a varied array of Grimm’s fairy tales initially chosen for me at random. I invited people to give me a number which then corresponded to the page in a book of Grimm’s fairy tales – in turn choosing the story I would depict. The paintings are my response to aspects of each of the stories, rather than an attempt at a direct representation of the story. Leaving the intent of my interpretation sometimes ambiguous.

The work from this project has been exhibited as a solo show titled ‘Retold’ at Toi Poneke, Wellington, and the Lake House Arts Centre, Takapuna, Auckland. It was also the basis for my creative explorations during my artist residency at Samuel Marsden Collegiate, Wellington. It was then exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, Wellington in a show title ‘Once Upon a Time’ at the conclusion of the residency.

The Artworks


The contemplation of the fox