Cyril and Friends

Cyril and Friends is my humour based photographic project aimed at reflecting on different aspects of everyday life through the eyes of Cyril the cicada and his other insect friends.

This project came about out of a response to being inundated with cicadas during the summer of 2018/19. They were so plentiful & noisy! I was honestly being driven nuts by the noise! Then I started finding dead cicadas everywhere (clearly too many even for the birds to feast on!) so I decided to create little photographic stories around him. These started off reflecting on how tough the male cicadas had it, trying to compete for the ladies among such plentiful competition, and then led to other reflections on life. Some humorous, some cynical, all reflective.

Cyril was brought to the attention of Bryan Crump the presenter of Nights on RNZ National (a New Zealand wide radio station) who then shared Cyril on Facebook & enjoyed by thousands! Bryan and I then had a good chat over the airwaves about how this little humorous project came about.

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